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Neuromodulators are anti-aging injectables that can do what your most effective topical products and professional skin care treatments cannot. These injectables work at the muscular level to smooth minor, moderate, and severe expression lines on the upper half of the face to restore a youthful appearance. At The Repaire Room, we offer BOTOX® and Dysport®, two of the most effective products available to eliminate expression lies and rejuvenate the overall appearance. We also offer Daxxify®.

What Are Neuromodulators?

Neuromodulators are cosmetic injectables containing neurotoxins, which block communication between the brain and nerve signals so that the nerve signals can no longer tell the muscles to contract when expressing. As a result, the muscles relax, and so does the skin.

When the skin is no longer forced into daily repetitive expressions, lines and wrinkles fade, and your youthful glow returns. Several different types of neuromodulators are available for cosmetic use, and we offer two of the most effective: BOTOX® and Dysport®.


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BOTOX® is probably the most popular professional cosmetic treatment. It’s more than just a household name and has become a go-to for both men and women who want to restore their youth through safe and quick treatment.

BOTOX® can treat cosmetic and medical concerns. It eliminates expression lines on the upper half of the face, including crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. Some injectors use it for off-label purposes to address other aesthetic imperfections. We can also use it for medical concerns to improve quality of life, reduce pain, and even improve overall appearance.

We can inject BOTOX® into the trap muscles to relax the area and reduce muscle mass and size to create a more sleek upper body profile. We can also use it for TMJ to eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with tense jaw muscles. It’s also an effective solution for patients with hyperhidrosis as it can block sweat glands and reduce profuse sweating temporarily.

If you want to use BOTOX® for cosmetics or medical purposes, you must not be allergic to the ingredients in the product and have realistic expectations about the treatment and the outcome. Adults in good health and willing to commit to regular follow-up treatments to maintain long-term results make good candidates for this injectable.

If you’re interested in learning more about BOTOX® and how it can treat cosmetic and muscular-related conditions, we can give you more details at your pre-treatment consultation.


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Daxxify® is a cutting-edge injectable treatment that operates in a manner akin to BOTOX®, utilizing neurotoxins as its primary ingredient to target and relax muscles responsible for specific expression lines. This innovative solution is designed to assist individuals in attaining a rejuvenated and well-rested appearance, promoting smoother-looking skin through its muscle-relaxing effects. Additionally, Daxxify® stands out by incorporating advanced technology, as it is encapsulated with peptides known to bestow the skin with a beautiful, radiant glow. This unique combination not only addresses the signs of aging but also enhances the skin’s overall radiance, offering a comprehensive approach to facial aesthetics.


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Dysport® is another neuromodulator that works similarly to BOTOX® and uses neurotoxins as the primary ingredient in the formula to relax the muscles responsible for specific expression lines. This injectable will help patients achieve a well-rested-looking appearance and smoother-looking skin.

Dysport® can treat frown lines of different severities that form between the eyebrows. These frown lines can appear as a single indentation, as vertical creases, or as two deep indentations that resemble the number 11. Regardless of what your frown lines look like, by now, you know they’re very difficult to treat with topical anti-aging products alone.

As your skin gets weaker as you age, those lines only worsen as you continue to express daily. Injections into the muscles around the eyebrows and the forehead area can relax the muscles to soften expressions and, in doing so, smooth and even temporarily eliminate your frown lines.

Patients who want to treat frown lines between the eyebrows make good candidates for Dysport. Some patients who have been using BOTOX® and have noticed they’ve developed tolerance, a rare instance when your body gets used to the product and doesn’t respond as it initially did, can undergo treatment with Dysport® to effectively eliminate those lines.

During your initial consultation, we can give you more details about Dysport®, ensure you’re not allergic to the ingredients in the injectable, and confirm your treatment eligibility.

Unlike dermal fillers, neuromodulators like BOTOX® and Dysport® don’t deliver immediate results. However, you will see results after your BOTOX® injection within the first week of treatment and after your Dysport® injection within the first three to four days of treatment. The best results for both treatments are visible 30 days post-treatment.

These neuromodulators deliver results that last approximately three to four months. However, your body will ultimately determine how long they last because it’s responsible for eliminating the products from your system. When it does, you’ll see the gradual re-appearance of your frown lines or other expression lines.

When you notice these lines reappear, you can schedule a follow-up treatment, and we’ll administer the necessary amount of product to target those muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles, treat them, and prevent them from worsening and reappearing. Regular treatments can prevent you from experiencing any significant interruption in your results and help you maintain your ideal appearance.

Both BOTOX® and Dysport® have been safely smoothing expression lines for decades. You can rest assured that when you schedule treatment at The Repaire Room, you’ll undergo a safe treatment by an expert and skilled injector who can treat your expression lines with the exact amount of product necessary to produce subtle and beautiful results.

Say Goodbye to Your Expression Lines

You don’t have to live with those expression lines that make you feel older than you are or cause you to look unapproachable. With a customized neuromodulator treatment plan, we can help you achieve smoother, youthful-looking skin and enjoy long-lasting results.

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